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 Have your furs conditioned and cleaned yearly by our fur specialist. Not only will it enliven and revitalize the luster, but it will prolong the life or your fur garment. If your fur becomes damp, shake it out and hang it in a place where air circulates. Never in a closet. Protect your investment with these simple precautions and care guidelines to ensure the longevity and luster of your garment: Cleaning and Storage
Never store your fur in a cedar closet. Avoid hanging your fur in a bright place.



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It is time to Clean and properly Store your Furs for the off-season. 
 In addition to Cleaning and Storage we can assist you with any Repairs or even Restyling of your Furs."


Welcome to McDaniel Furs. Our comprehensive knowledge of the fur industry allows us to exceed client expectations and build lasting relationships.

For over sixty eight years, McDaniel Furs has been Southwest Missouri’s premier furrier. Today, President and General Manager Jeff Latimer carries on the tradition of excellence and customer satisfaction upheld by his father, Tom Latimer.

Before coming into the family owned business, Jeff trained in New York City learning the intricate points of restyling, repairing and manufacturing furs. Jeff’s 3 + decades of experience and close relationships with leaders in the industry enable him to remain on top of the latest trends from the world’s finest designers and manufacturers of furs.
McDaniel Furs maintains the finest quality inventory selection. We offer a full range of personal and custom services: design, alteration, repair, re-styling, storage, and state of the art cleaning and conditioning. Although McDaniel Furs has gone through some changes since 1948, the family atmosphere and dedication to personal attention has remained consistent and beyond compare.

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